Institutional-grade real estate investments. 
Now available to you.

Streamlined Access.  Data-driven Investments.  Early Liquidity Options.

There’s $7 trillion of U.S. commercial real estate.

But where to start?

Real estate has long been recognized as a valuable addition to the traditional stock and bond portfolio model. Yet most investors struggle to efficiently access the asset class, where finding quality investment opportunities requires relationships and local expertise. That’s where we come in.

Over 80%

Owned by private operatorsand institutions 1


Average high net worth allocationto real estate 2


Typical institutional targetallocation to real estate 3

1 Source: Real Capital Analytics

2 Source: Wealth-X

3 Source: Hodes Weill & Associates

We utilize our expertise, network, and technology to filter through the noise.

We bring rigorous analysis based on proprietary data, a network spanning 300+ local operating partners, and an investment team with over $50 billion in transaction experience. All to provide you with high-quality investment opportunities.


Opportunities evaluated annually

Less than 2%

Investments approved by Cadre

$50-200 Million

Typical transaction size

Over $1.5 Billion

Closed transaction value

We offer you streamlined access to unique investment opportunities.

Invest hassle-free in a highly curated set of institutional properties across the United States, backed by transparent reporting and extensive experience to oversee your investment.


Target Return Net of Fees


Target Average Net Cash Yield


Lower fee load than U.S.real estate fund model*

*RE fund model assumes 1.5% annual fee on committed equity, a 20% promote over 8% preferred return with 50% catch-up and a sponsor promote of 20%. Cadre model assumes 1% transaction fee on cost, 1.5% annual fee on NAV and a sponsor promote of 22%. Spread will vary based on gross deal IRR.

Invest your way, with flexibility to suit your goals.

Invest deal-by-deal or allow us to build you a multi-property portfolio. Whichever you choose, we invest alongside you in every opportunity. We focus on long-term profitability, but also offer you the opportunity to sell your individual property interests - bringing liquidity to what used to be an illiquid asset class.

Join us and experience a better way to invest in real estate.

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