Why Invest in Private Technology

Companies are now staying private even longer, and this trend is continuing.

Multiple While Private vs. Multiple While Public

While 90s tech startups grew 100x post-IPO, that public multiple is now < 10x.

How to invest with us.

Getting started is easy and you are in control. Our team can help build a portfolio, or you can pick individual assets to invest in. With both options, our investors receive asset-level reporting and potential liquidity.

Let us help you build a diversified portfolio

$50K minimum split across 5 assets

review and invest in individual opportunities

$50K minimum per asset

ENVST Provides Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

We use data-driven, programmatic strategies to identify the highest potential companies while mitigating risk.

ENVST differentiated model.

We build products to deliver capital which makes us category defining.

ENVST a competitive edge in execution


Our platform, products, technology and processes have been used to successfully build and scale companies


Initial screen based on primary raw data directly from the company. We ingest and automatically analyze this primary data and benchmark it across hundreds of companies across multiple sectors (consumer, saas, enterprise, marketplace, etc.)


Disciplined team decisions augmented with multiple quantitative and qualitative signals.

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