2020 stock market surprises ?! well there are some that have survived

Nearly all businesses in the U.S. have been touched, and in some cases, decimated, by COVID-19. But surprisingly, some companies have seen soaring growth due to COVID-19. The publicly traded video conferencing platform Zoom, now part of the country’s collective lexicon, has seen its stock rise, Large companies like pet supplier Chewy, meal kit company Blue Apron, as well as smaller businesses and startups have been blindsided by surging sales over the past several weeks as COVID-19 and increased containment restrictions turned worlds upside down. Cleancult’s Amazon sales have increased eight times over in the past several weeks, according to Lupberger, tripled in retail stores and doubled on Cleancult’s website. Cleancult’s manufacturing is located in the Midwest without a “shelter in place” mandate thus far. Production of lemongrass soaps and orange zest cleaners, among other products, has been ramped up to meet demand