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ENVST broadly understands the purpose of the investor capital (i.e multi-generational capital, to complement operational companies, etc.) and risk-return expectations of the investor.

ENVST performs in-depth analysis of the requirements of the investor for construction of a diversified portfolio:

  • Structure of current investments, extent of banking / custodian relationships and how to complement the existing investment portfolio

  • Risk-return and liquidity expectations of the investor (i.e growth, balanced or income generating)

  • Investment restrications (i.e sectors or geographies)

ENVST offers a customized solution to the investor based on the investor requirements:

  • ENVST manages investment, legal diligence, investment documentation, capital call and distributions on behalf of the investor

  • ENVST supports the investor with post-investment monitoring with periodic reposting packages including NAV position, return calculations and othe relevant updates