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As technology continues to transform trillion-dollar industries, implementing alternative investment management is critical to building a well-diversified and high-performing investment portfolio. 

However, alternative investment management continues to be an insular asset category that limits access to the most promising opportunities. Until now. 

Envst’s digital platform makes it easy for investors to access, evaluate, and manage investments into highly curated venture funds and co-investments at industry-low minimums.

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Co-invest with the best firms, SWFs and family offices

Envst solutions are specifically tailored to benefit investors of all types.

Family Offices

We serve as an extension to you and your team as Envst combines sourcing, diligence, education, and access within a digital platform that enables evaluation, access, and investment management in an easy-to-navigate system.  For larger family offices, we also offer custom solutions that enable you to use our technology to build your fund of funds and co-investments without the hassle of managing reporting, performance, or paperwork. 

Wealth Advisors and Private Banks

There is clear evidence that high net worth investors have continued to move away from traditional stock and bond-only portfolios to growing private alternatives allocation.  While alternatives has become a high-performing staple in institutional and large family office portfolios, it has been an evasive asset class as it remains relationship-oriented and highly idiosyncratic. Additionally, high minimums and capacity constraints in the best funds make it difficult to participate.  Envst allows you to confidently add alternative investments  by bringing the best opportunities to your clients to help you truly differentiate as an advisor. 


As the Alternative industry has grown and fragmented, tracking and finding the most promising opportunities has become an increasingly difficult task for institutions. Envst’s team acts as a dedicated sourcing and evaluation engine for your venture strategies, and with years of collective experience in alternative, we ensure you always have the right opportunities in front of you at all times. 

Fund Managers

As the industry continues to evolve and grow, the reliance solely on institutional capital comes with unique challenges. We enable fund managers to quickly and easily onboard smaller investors through Envst pooled vehicles that, without any charge to fund managers, remove the hassle of administration while also enabling approved managers a streamlined way to quickly reach prospective investors.  In the era of more value add individual LPs, you never have to worry about turning away sub-minimum checks. Standard SEC-mandated investor count limits apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any diligence on the products that are on the platform?

The Envst team brings years of fund and company investing experience, and we have a diligence for all managers brought onto the platform, including full underwriting on track record, references, differentiation, team, portfolio construction, and current investment thesis. All funds on the platform unanimous Investment Committee Approval.

Will I have a direct relationship with the fund manager?

Investments made on Envst are made through an Envst feeder (special purpose vehicle). However, we do engage

our community with managers through events such as webinars and in-person gatherings. Additionally, we may make

direct introductions to managers for investors depending on the preferences listed by the underlying fund manager.

What are the fees?

Unlike traditional solutions, Envst does not charge any additional level of carry at our feeder fund level for fund opportunities, and annual fees per feeder investment range from 0.40%-0.75% per investor depending on capital commitment.

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